The Green Wedding: Daunting or Doable?

In this day and age, “green” is in and being eco conscious is becoming more popular but what is a green wedding and can you have one while staying true your dream day?

To feel comfortable committing to a green wedding, most couples want to know what exactly a sustainable wedding entails. What does sustainability in the wedding industry mean?

Planning an eco-friendly wedding is now more accessible then ever. With access to local and sustainable vendors, its very easy to ensure the items for your wedding are environmentally friendly. 

In planning a green wedding, couples need to think locally, sustainably and use the less is more motto. Examples of this are having a plated dinner over a buffet or a lunch time wedding to take advantage of natural lighting rather than using electricity.

With the industry becoming more conscious, there are so many green options for your day! Take Victoria BC for example who has everything from green venues to eco friendly hair and make up. Eco-friendly venues like the Inn at Laurel Point ,which is carbon neutral, or The Parkside Hotel & Spa which is built to LEED’s standards make for a great space for your day.The Green Kiss and Elate cosmetics both offer amazing natural products that are ethical and eco for brides and Elena at Conscious Hair does stunning bridal hair using sustainable, eco and ethical hair product. These are just a few of the many green options offered here which range from farm to table food sources to ethical makeup and everything in between. This just shows the abundance of vendors tapping into the green market and how accessible an eco wedding can be.

Do not let this seem daunting as it isimportant to remember you can still have everything you dreamt of for you day and it does not have to be all or nothing. Being conscious of your choices and selecting as many green items as you can makes a difference and should be celebrated! 

You many not be able to get everything you need or want for your day in an eco-friendly way but every bit helps. The main idea of a green wedding is to reduce your weddings carbon foot print as much as possible.

What is the hardest part of trying to plan a green wedding?

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, emotional and costly. Many couples feel pressured to keep all their guests happy and can get caught up in trying to stay up to date with all the ever changing wedding trends. 

With weddings being both financially and emotionally taxing, couples can feel overwhelmed and a little lost. Planning a green wedding may seem daunting at first, especially if it is a new concept to you. 

The initial planning stages are typically the most difficult for any wedding. For many couples, this is their first time planning a wedding so most aspects are foreign to them and then you add the green aspect which may also be a new concept to them. 

Once you get through the initial planning stages and have a vision, the green aspect will be easy to incorporate into that vision. Even better is that following the “less is more” motto can actually help you save money.  Planning a green wedding will ensure you are only buying the items you really want rather then getting sucked into the “I need it all” idea. 

One may argue that aside from the planning, finding green items for all aspects of your wedding is the most difficult. Do not let this deter you from having a sustainable wedding. Every little aspect helps!

If your feeling stuck, hiring a planner can help to alleviate the stress of planning and ensure that you have all aspects of your day covered. While eco-friendly weddings are an emerging idea, you can certainly find environmentally friendly vendors to help make your vision come to life.

Why plan a green wedding?

There are many reasons couples choose to have a green wedding that go beyond leading a green lifestyle.

Many couples choose to have a green wedding to lessen their impact on the environment. In this day and age, it is hard to ignore the fact that global warming is a serious issue and people are choosing to live in a more eco friendly manner.

Having a green wedding makes a statement and for couples who choose to live in an eco friendly manner, they are able to incorporate this part of them into one of the most important days of their lives.

The other reasons couples choose to go green is because it allows them to cut costs using the “less is more attitude” and because green weddings are unique and allow for creativity. With this being such a new theme to the wedding industry, couples are able to be creative and have a day like no one has seen!

Having a green wedding also helps the local economy and helps eco friendly businesses to grow. With all these benefits, having a green wedding allows couples to feel guilt free about their day. 

So,The Green Wedding: Daunting or Doable?

A green wedding is totally doable! It can be daunting at points and having the “all or nothing” is not the one to take when planning an eco wedding.

It is important to do as much as you can in a green manner but as this is an emerging idea, you may not be able to get all the items you want for you day in a green manner.The bottom line is, anything you can do to reduce the size of your wedding’s carbon footprint is a win. Be creative, have fun with it and remember there is always a planner if you are over whelmed. 

With couples becoming more and more eco conscious, this will be a theme you will see more and more in weddings. Its an exciting time to be a vendor or couple in wedding industry as this will be a big turning point.