What if I Don’t know much about sustainability?

That’s why you hire me! We are here to support and navigate you through the planning process while providing ethical and eco-friendly suggestions.

Do You Offer day -of planning?

Most of us love surprises but not unwanted ones on your wedding day. I know how much work it is to plan a wedding and to think of every little detail - it's what I do! If details have not been taken care it is often too late to correct on the big day. For this reason, we don't offer services for the wedding day only.

What are the next steps?

Let’s chat! Email me or call me at melissa@ecochicaffairs.com or 778-678-3431. From there I will send you a proposal (yes, you get a second one! Although mine doesn’t include a ring) outlining my services and we can set up an obligation free meeting. If you feel I am the right fit for your day, a signed contract along with a $500 non-refundable initial payment is required to secure your date.

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