All consults are charged on an hourly basis and are set up based on your specific needs. I will meet with you and provide you with ideas, answer any questions you have and ensure you are set up for success to plan your dream wedding. All consults include a planning package as well.

How does a consult work?

What if I Don’t know much about sustainability?

That’s why you hire me! We are here to support and navigate you through the planning process while providing ethical and eco-friendly suggestions.

Do You Offer full or Month of planning?

While this is a service I used to offer, I have shifted my focus to working with couples on a consulting basis. I would love to see if this new service is the right fit for you!

What are the next steps?

Let’s chat! Email me or call me at or 778-678-3431. From there I will send you a proposal (yes, you get a second one! Although mine doesn’t include a ring) outlining my services and we can set up an obligation free meeting.

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